Option reference - wp slick slider

slider options

The name of the slug
The slug (this is used to specify the slider in the shortcode!)
This is not used by the plugin, but could be used to keep your admin organised if you have a lot of sliders.
Again, This is a default option from WordPress and is not really used.
This is the amount of time in milliseconds (1000 = 1 second) between the start of each slide, this is inclusive of the transition speed.
This is the time it takes to complete each transition.
Pause On Hover
This enables the slider to stop rotating when the user has their mouse hovered over the slides.
Pause On Pager Hover
This enables the slider to stop rotating when the user has their mouse hovered over the pager.
Use Previous Next Buttons
This enables the use of the previous and next links to cycle through the items in the slider
Use Pause And Resume links
This adds in te links to pause and restart the slider so the user can stop it to read the text or admire the image as he sees fit.
Use Pager Links
This enables the pager on the slider, creating a list of links to each slide.
Use Featured Image As Pager Links
This enables the slide to use a thumbnail of each slide's featured image as the pager link.
These effects control visually how the transition happens. Choosing more than one will have the effects chosen randomly from those effects for each slide.
This controls the speed of the effect at different stages of the transition.
This controls the height of the slider box.
Outer Width
This is the total maximum width of the slider
Full Width
This is width of each slide, this can be less than the Outer Width.
Half Width
This is the width of each half slide.
Slide Order
This sets the order of the slides in the slider, make this "Slide Number" to use the slide number in the new / edit slide page.

plugin options

Disable CSS
This stops WP Slick Slider from outputting any CSS. Use this if you would like to roll your own styles.
Disable JS
This stops WP Slick Slider from outputting or enqueuing any javascript, use this if you want to BYO javascript.
Enable Footer Credits
This adds a small link to the footer of your website showing a little credit for this plugin.