Basic usage - wp slick slider

creating a slider

  1. Navigate to wp-admin -> Slick Slides -> Sliders in your WordPress administration.
  2. Type in the name, slug (if you want this to change), description (not used, but could be used by other plugins etc
  3. Enter the options presented please view the slide option reference if you have any problems.
  4. Click the "Add New Slider" button to create the slider.

adding a slide to a slider

  1. Navigate to wp-admin -> Slick Slides -> New Slider
  2. Enter the slide title, and the text content (if there is to be any text content!)
  3. Enter the slide information, such as the slide type and ordering number.
  4. Select the slider you have previously created from the list on the right, a slide can be added to as many sliders as you like.
  5. If the slide is to use a featured image, please select or upload it using the "Featured Image" box on the right.
  6. Press the "Publish" button.

adding a slider to a page

  1. Take note of the slider slug that was made when you first created the slider. This will be used to specify the slider to display on the page.
  2. Navigate to the edit screen of the page you wish the slider to appear.
  3. Add the following shortcode to the page to add in the slider. [SlickSlider name="your-slider-slug"] replacing your-slider-slug with the slug of the slider you want to add to the page.